Linage of Progeny of Ismail in Yemen


From Yemen to Oman, the clan of Ismail is the progeny of Ismail bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ismail bin Ali bin Ismail bin Al-Hussein bin Muhammad bin Isa bin Muhammad bin Al-Harir bin Musir bin Mudlij bin Hemyar bin Bidar bin Wa’ath bin Al-Adi bin Al-Hadayeen bin Hemyar Al-Armi bin Umaira bin Hidan bin Umran bin Al-Haf bin Qudha’ah bin Malik bin Saba’a bin Yashjub bin Yarub bin Qahtan bin Hud peace be upon him.

This is to say that Qudha’ah is from Qahtan. It was said that Qudha’ah is the son of bin Ma’ad bin Adnan, a brother of Ma’ad bin Adnan and bin Wa’aek bin Adnan and this is regarded by Sheikh bin Jamil, May God pardon him, as the most correct. It was said that there are two Arab Qudha’ah clans; one in Qahtan and another in Adnan, and this is probable matter.

One of this clan is Ali bin Suleiman Al-Ismaili, the owner of Al-Nasib town which is an area of Ibra. He is one of the noble sons of Ismail. The clan also includes Salem bin Ali Al-Ismaili who copied the thesis titled “The Predestined Evidence in Response to the Scholar Tabom”

A group of the sons of Ismiel exist in Safalet Nizwa and it has good people like Imam Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Hadheri and his son Muhammad Barakat bin Muhammad and Muhammad bin Ismail who rebelled against Sultan Suleiman bin Suleiman bin Muzaffar and won the allegiance of the Muslims to take office (Immamah) in 906 AH and continued in office (Immamah) for 36 years and spent his life complying with the order of God not afraid from anybody but God Almighty as long until he died. Then, his son Barakat was acknowledged to take office on the same day on which he his father died when. The matter is totally managed by God to place it at His willing.