The Remnants of the Progeny of Ishmail: ِAl-Shebak Fort

Al-Shebak Fort: It is known as the Grand House and is located in Allayt Ibra. It was built by Sheikh Ahmed bin Rabia Al-Ismaili Al-Humairi in the reign of Imam Sultan bin Saif Al-Thani Al-Yarubi. The House consists of three floors in the form of a semi-circle. The main door of the Fort is a masterpiece as it is the largest and finest door in the Province.

It was brought from the Republic of India with floral graffiti containing between them engraved picture of a lion and a horse standing on two legs and facing each other and each one of them is wearing a military helmet as a symbol of power and magnanimity. The door now exists in the Museum of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and was made in 1126 AH.

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By: Salem Mubarak Al-Harthi
18/03/2009, 11:09 PM